The Grizzlies Baseball Academy is far and away one of the finest facilities of its kind that I have seen. The equipment and professional instruction is second to none. I recommend that, any player of any age in the St. Louis area, take advantage of the Grizzlies Baseball Academy.
— Bill Lee : Commissioner – Frontier League Professional Baseball

Our goal is simple…

To help you develop into an “ELITE” player. Just as every person is different, every hitter or pitcher is different. Therefore, we do not “carbon copy” our students. Instructions are tailored to each individual student’s needs. Our philosophies remain the same but how each student gets to their final point is not. With that in mind, our instructors draw upon advanced drills and old and new techniques that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual hitter and pitcher. Bottom line, we have what it takes to help you develop the hitting and pitching edge that you have been searching for. We strive to maintain a fun, educational, and personal learning environment leading to an enjoyable and productive experience.



Our hitting philosophy revolves around the physical aspects of rotational hitting as well as an impenetrable mental approach. We demand a lot from our hitters. Rotational hitting provides the hitter the best mechanics for being the most productive and “balanced” hitter statistically. Consistency is the goal here. Consistently putting a good swing on the ball and producing at the plate on a consistent basis is what we are after. Home runs are nice, but you are much more valuable to your team and coaches if you can hit home runs as well as for average, drive in runs, move runners over, etc. This result is what all of our hitting instructors strive to reach with our hitters.

Hitting Areas of Focus

  • Mental Approach

  • Situational Hitting

  • At-Bat Preparation

  • Mechanical Aspects



Our pitching philosophy revolves around commanding the strike zone and developing into a pitcher, not just a thrower. Arm slots vary amongst every pitcher. Finding the slot that is the most effective for you is what we will help you do. From there, being able to throw strikes is the bottom line. There will be some mechanical adjustments along the way, however what works for you may not work for someone else. Our pitching instructors realize this. Knowing where you need to pitch the ball and being able to pitch it where you want it to go is what our pitching instructors strive to reach with our pitchers.

Pitching Areas of Focus

  • Mental Approach

  • Situational Pitching

  • Strike Zone Awareness & Understanding

  • Mechanical Aspects

  • Transition To Using a Pitching Mound

The Grizzlies Baseball Academy has helped me reach my goal of playing collegiate baseball while earning my degree. My instruction there definitely helped transform me into a better baseball player. The instructors are all great and are very knowledgeable. They are very good at treating each student as an individual and helping them with their specific needs. I will continue to take instruction at Grizzlies Baseball Academy in my efforts to better my performance and further my baseball career.
— Nate Jones Illinois College – Althoff High School Graduate, 2009