Q: What To Bring and What to Wear:

– Bat (Preferably a wood bat. If you do not have one, please talk to us before buying one.)
– Helmet
– Notebook and Pen
– Please wear work-out attire. No jeans, boots, sandals, explicit clothing, etc…

Q: Why should the hitters use a wood bat?

When using a wood bat, there is a less margin for error. It teaches the student to hit the ball on the “Sweet Spot” of the bat or else the wood could break. It also eliminates false positives that hitters can get away with using a metal bat.

Q: Why is it important to hit year round?

Very few people are born with the muscle memory to hit at a high level. Proper muscle memory is only attained through constant repetition.

Q: What is the youngest age that you will instruct?

We offer instructions to kids 7 years of age and older.